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All pets in the hotel are observed by a veterinary Yuri Karpenko. Yuri graduated from  Leningrad Veterinary Institute in 1984; he has been a practicing veterinary for over 20 years. Privately-held animal clinic of Yuri Karpenko is situated in Tallinn, its address is Paldiski mnt 42D, open Mo-Fr at 13.00-19.00. Contact numbers: +372 6721260. In the clinic one can get any kind of veterinary treatment and in case of need veterinary can deliver medical care to your pet at your home. There are various medications, goods, food and supplements for pets in our pet shop.


Below are prices for most common services:


First visit  15 EUR
First vaccination 20 EUR
Complex vaccination  25 EUR
Rabies vaccination  10 EUR
Microchip  20 EUR
Castration of a male cat  50 EUR
Castration of a male dog  from 120 EUR
Sterilization of a female cat  100 EUR
Sterilization of a female dog   from 250 EUR
Calling a veterinary home   30 EUR*

   * - inside Tallinn