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WE ARE WORKING from year 2002.
  • The hotel´s owners are: Olga Guivan - the dog´s owner and breeder with more than 40 years expirience and Juri Karpenko - vet with more than 30 years practice.

  • Hotel building is situated at the territory of a private house in Nõmme.

  • Each pet is placed in a separate box of area 4.5 m2.

  • Hotel building has heating in cold season and air conditioning in summer.

  • Pets are feeded twice a day (dogs with premium class dog food "Trainer Professionale" or "Brekkies Ecxel Lamb and Rice" , cats with super premium class cat food "ROYAL CANIN" or "Advance" ). Its also possible to feed your pet with the food you provide, however this will not affect the cost of the stay.

  • Dogs are aired 2-3 times a day.

  • In a box for cat there is a sleeping basket, a bin with sand, a tree for climbing.

  • We only accept vaccinated (at least against plague, parvovirus, rabies) pets.

  • Before bringing your pet to the hotel we recommend you - especially in the summer - to make preventional treatment against fleas and ticks.

  • We do ask you not to overfeed your pet before bringing it to us. It is already a stress for any pet to change a place of living and overfull stomach only deepens it

  • We are happy to answer any questions you might have at +372 5232457, +372 6721260

  • Our address is Mahla 86, Tallinn, we are open for visiting at 9.00-12.00 and 19.00-21.00.