26.12.2019 Available for sale three quality female puppies:
                                                                        ALTÕN ULARA
  03.12.2019 Available for sale puppies:    
  06.11.2019 Adding pictures of growing puppies

  26.10.2019 The first puppies`pictures

  08.10.2019 Was born our "F"-litter of CHOKAR SAMANA STAR ALTÕN PATIMAT. Pedigree: rodoslovnaja/CHOKAR_PATIMAT.htm  
  08.10.2019 Was born our "U"-litter of ALTÕN RENBE IT-KELLELI AKMENU GELE. Pedigree: rodoslovnaja/Renbe_Kelleli.htm  
  24-25.08.2019 At Haapsalu dog shows IT-KOYUNCHI (Zabar Kunak x Zargul) was both days BOB and so closed her EST CH title  
  12.06.2019 Created the page "ALTÕN PATIMAT´s offsprings"  
  11.06.2019 Created the page "ALTÕN L-ALADZHA´s offsprings"  
  07.06.2019 ALTYNBAY ZHANGIR became the Best Male at Estonian Speciality Show for CAO&CO 18.05.2019. He did it already 5 times!  
  All puppies are sold. The next litter is planned for the autumn 2019.  
  08.05.2019 For sale nice female puppy ALTÕN TARABUKA  
  25.03.2019 PUPPIES FOR SALE - info and pictures.  

13.02.2019 was born our "T"-litter (1 male and 3 females). The parents are:

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