01.12.2016 ALTÕN L-ALADZHA - defence training.  
28.05.2016 in Tallinn took part Speciality Show for CAO&CO. Our dogs`s offsprings results are HERE.  
26.04.2016 Male puppy for sale. The newest pictures.  
04.04.2016 For sale two puppies. PICTURES and INFORMATION.  
08.03.2016 Our puppies are 6 weeks old now. Some photos of puppies AVAILABLE FOR SALE  
22.02.2016 The first pictures of puppies from "P"-litter  
28.01.2016 All puppies from "O" litter are sold or reserved.
We are glad to introduce our new litter.
12.01.2016 Updated the pictures of PUPPIES for sale.  
06.01.2016 The newest PUPPIES`s pictures  

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