03.12.2014 Updated information: ALTYNBAY D-AYPERI´s offsprings


30.09.2014 ACHAK-ASY REZA ´s HD/ED x-ray result: AA/00  
27.09.2014 At National Dog Show in Tallinn ALTÕN L-ALADZHA (Turkmen-Kala Raydash x Altynbay D-Ayperi) - BOB JUN, JCAC, BOS.  
24.08.2014 At International Dog Show in Tallinn IT-KELLELI - BOB, CAC, CACIB and closed the EST CH title.  
26.05.2014 Our dogs´offsprings at speciality show in Tallinn 17.05.2014  
20.05.2014 All puppies are sold. Pictures and information about our last litters: TURKMEN-KALA RAYDASH x ALTYNBAY D-AYPERI "L"-litter
TOHMET x IT-KELLELI  "M" litter.
11.03.2014 "L"-puppies. Male puppy is for sale.  
05.03.2014 Video of puppies:  
27.02.2014 A new dog in our kennel:

25.02.2014 New puppies´s pictures from TOHMET x IT-KELLELI litter.  
For sale exellent puppy from TURKMEN-KALA RAYDASH and ALTYNBAY D-AYPERI  
05.02.2014 The first pictures and information about TOHMET x IT-KELLELI litter.  
27.01.2014 Some new photos of PUPPIES for sale.

17.01.2014 Available for sale 2 puppies from TURKMEN-KALA RAYDASH and ALTYNBAY D-AYPERI
12.01.2014 Puppies were born. Soon more information and pictures!  


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